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This blog is like all other confession blogs only for our beloved genre of music and is not limited to just one group. You can confess about ANY kpop group or kpop related things (kdramas, japanese activities, etc). CLICK HERE FOR PROMO OFFER


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Hyoyeon will forever be my number one female bias. She’s just so unique in her very own way. She’s like a diamond that dazzles. She’s an amazing dancer and she is a very sweet person that knows exactly what to do to make people laugh. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but on the inside too. When I first saw her, I fell in love with her. <3


Exo is too arrogant for my liking.


I think Bom is an absolute goddess. Her voice is amazing too. <3


After reading some confessions on here, I want to express my thoughts. Fandoms really need to calm down, especially when there’s a new song. ESPECIALLY on SM videos I’ve noticed haters hating and witnessed arguments. I’m a VIP, but that doesn’t mean I’m ONLY a VIP, right? I’ll go onto a video and see ‘SUJU IS BETTER THAN TVXQ’ and other comparisons. I’m one of the few that will try and stop it, but as soon as I mention being a VIP, there will be at least one who will try to fight ME. Calm down.


I want to lose weight because Tao said his ideal type is a girl who is pretty and skinny. So I have a feeling I can not be overweight. I have to be skinny. But it’s all a dream.


SHINee has a magic that can make me smile everytime I see a pic, gif or video of them, hear their song or see their MV. No other kpop group that have an effect like that to me.


Whenever i see SNSD in shows my instinct shouts “FAKE”. Especially their laughs. I don’t know, they seem really fake to me, well with a lot of other idols that seems fake. But snsd is the most obvious one.


Although I love T-ara, I hope Hwayoung debuts again as a super successful rapper or actress and I hope she proves all the haters wrong.

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I think Shinhwa, DBSK, Big Bang, SNSD, 2NE1 will always remain the kings and queens of Kpop and even groups like B2ST, Kara, MBLAQ, 4minute will never come anywhere near. Not saying those groups are no good, but just that legends will always be legends.